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With the experience for more than 18 years in the telecom industry,  AURA Network is a  trusted and well respected telecom consultancy. We serve our customers creatively, arranging tailored & value-added  benefits to a wide range of businesses large and small. We partner with experienced UK Telecom  Operators for  satisfying our customers’ needs. What we offer you is completely scalable business opportunity that doesn’t require technical background or big (even any) starting capital. We give you innovative high-end communications infrastructure – a very solid foundation of expertise – it is up to you where you want to take it for your business benefits & growth

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We believe that our strong relationships with key decision makers in the marketplace puts us in a special position to arrange the most convenient projects & deals for your business.  In addition to any project we can offer and financial money management solutions through our business & financial partners according to the planning process as necessary. In this way we are able to move & thrive forward, together, in the rapidly changing business environment.

ABOUT US: AURA have been established in the year 2000 as a business partner of leading UK Network Services Providers. We always have in mind the occurring evolution in the technological advancements which are influencing & redefining business processes and the way companies communicate with their staff, clients, customers and partners, both locally and globally. We focus on the balance between the present and the future.We believe that the business is  foundation of knowledge that integrates a system for tackling  its economic tasks with on-going business customers co-operation process. This knowledge is the only distinct resource - and in respect to its knowledge the business can produce something that has a value at the market place. That  is why, the knowledge is the business fully as the customer is  the business. For business success, knowledge must be meaningful to the customer in terms of satisfaction and value  It is only effective through the contribution it makes outside the  business: to customers, markets & end-users.

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